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Product Description

The scout is a small, durable drone capable of taking on large mapping projects while remaining light and portable. Its low weight and high durability let it take off and land in confined spaces. Each aircraft is individually tuned and flight tested.

Ground Control StationThe Scout can be monitored and controlled in flight via the included Mission Planner software and telemetry radios. The ground station requires the use of a Windows 7, 8 or 10 laptop (optionally provided). We’ve built tools into Mission Planner that help automate mission planning, preflight checks, in flight monitoring and camera control to make the Scout as simple to operate as possible.

Launch and Recovery
The Scout is designed to be usable without any supporting equipment, making it easily transportable. A single operator can plan and fly a mission with the Scout. Recovery of the Scout can be made by selecting the landing zone and desired direction of the landing on the ground control station. Unless otherwise desired, all flights are flown autonomously following a pre-planned mission by the autopilot.

The Scout can be safely landed on a variety of surfaces and even directly into crops like corn, soybeans, and sugarcane. A flat surface of grass, dirt, ice, snow or sand are best.

Training and Support
Most users choose to learn to fly their Scout on their own with the help of our knowledge base and friendly support team.

The Scout produces imagery and geotags compatible with all known commercial post-processing software including the Drone Data Management System™. See a sample Orthomosaic and DEM created by the Scout on DDMS™ below.

WX-500 100m 3.4cm/pix 500 acres (200 Ha)
WX-500 120m 4.08cm/pix 600 acres (240 Ha)
Canon S110 100m 3.65cm/pix 480 acres (194 Ha)
Canon S110 120m 4.4cm/pix 580 acres (235 Ha)



  • Dimensions: 120cm Wingspan, 56cm Length (47 x 22 inches)
    • Winglets Detached Wingspan: 97cm (38 inches)
  • All-Up-Weight: 1.37kg with WX500/S110
  • Max Endurance: 60 Minutes
  • Cruise Speed: 13.5m/s (30 mph)
  • Range: 35km (21.75 miles)
  • Payload: 250g (0.55 lbs)
  • Complete mission planning and operations software
    • For your Windows 7, 8, or 10 laptop (not included)
    • Autonomous flight, Return-to-launch, Automated pre-flight checklists, much more
  • Operating Conditions
    • MSL Ceiling: 3,000 meters, (9,850 ft)
    • Max sustained wind speed: 6 m/s, (14 mph)
    • Telemetry Range: 3km from ground station to aircraft, (1.8 mi)

Camera Options:

There are two standard camera options for the Scout: The the Sony WX-500 and the NGB Converted Canon S110. Both cameras utilize Intellishoot, which automatically takes pictures at optimal overlap to maintain consistency and eliminate redundant data collection. When planned using the Event 38 Mission Planner, both cameras automatically close their lenses before landing.

  • Sony WX-500 – 18.2MP
  • NGB Converted Canon S110 – 12.1MP Resolution, Mixed Spectrum NIR, Green, Blue for NDVI

Kit Includes
The base kit includes all required hardware and software to collect mapping data except a Windows laptop, a camera and post-processing software, which may be selected as options.

  • Assembled and Flight Tested Scout Drone
  • Mission Planning Software
  • Image Geotagging Software
  • Anti-Vibration Camera Mount
  • Hand Remote Control
  • USB Telemetry Radios
  • Limited Factory Warranty

To fly mapping missions, you may still need:

  • Camera and Trigger Cable (cameras purchased with the Scout include a trigger cable)
  • Windows Laptop for running ground station software
  • Post-processing software for creating ortho-mosaics and DEMs. We recommend DDMS™.