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Agricultural Drones


Full Solution Data-Driven Farm Management

JSL Drones provides complete solutions for farm management using drones, infrared cameras and powerful image analysis software. 

• Continuously monitor the health of your crop – Calculate crop biomass, nitrogen deficiency, disease, drought, pest infestation, salinity, and more.
• Save money – Apply fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides only when and where they are needed.
• Improve crop yields – Oversee your farming operations and identify problems before they spread.
Our drones are rugged workhorses, proven in thousands of flights in the real life conditions to meet the demands of today’s data driven farmer.



JSL Drones drones fly completely autonomously, covering up to 700 acres in a single flight, and land automatically. Capture all the aerial data you need at once, and see down to the leaves on every plant. Easy to use – plan a mission once and the drone remembers how to fly each field and where to land. All of our drones are built durably to withstand hundreds of flights and all-terrain landings



The Drone Data Management System™ takes the data from your flight to produce high resolution georeferenced maps, growth statistics, and management zones based on health and elevation contours. Results can be viewed online, on mobile, shared or downloaded. DDMS™ management zones are compatible with Ag Leader SMS™ Software



Make data-driven management decisions on equipment, seeding, inputs, harvesting and day-to-day operations of your farm.

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