Why choose a JSL Drone?

JSL Drones is based in rural Australia, with over 10 years experience in drone manufacturing.

On-Site Training

We offer free on-site training on all our ready to fly products within a 500km radius of Mildura. Other areas can be arranged.

High Quality

We only use the highest quality components and every Drone is test flown for at least 5 hours to ensure the highest level of reliability and longevity.

After Sales Support

Every Drone comes with free servicing and software updates. We also offer a 24/7 phone support and a on-site call out service to selected areas.

Our Range


The Shadow is a cutting edge UAV designed to be the most efficient, affordable and versatile solution of its kind. Whether you’re looking to locate stock, map terrain, assess the health and biomass of your crops or simply experience the thrill of fully autonomous flight, your Shadow will never stand in the way of your productivity.